eKoral rigorously test all its products to ensure optimum quality and reliability before shipping them to customers. However in certain cases a product may not perform as expected when installed. It is important to thoroughly sort out the reason for a malfunction.

Before initiating a warranty claim, please make sure that you have properly connected and installed your eKoral product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. eKoral also suggest that you first consult your regional dealer, our website and our technical support for possible technical assistance before starting an RMA procedure.

You must obtain the RMA number from an eKoral authorized dealer or eKoral RMA center before returning the defective products to eKoral. Returned merchandise will not be accepted without a valid RMA number.

Scope of Warranty

eKoral’s Warranty covers products against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase. Damage resulting from ordinary use or normal wear and tear is not covered under eKoral’s warranty terms.

During each product’s warranty period, eKoral maintains the discretion to either repair the defective product or replace it with another one of equal or similar performance, provided that: 

  • The product is returned to the eKoral RMA center, postage prepaid.
  • The product was not damaged during transit.
  • The product was properly installed and used according to the manufacturer’s intended purposes and instructions.
  • The product was not modified, abused, disassembled, misused or repaired by unauthorized personnel.
  • The product was not damaged due to acts of nature, such as lightning, flood or fire.
  • The product’s cover was never removed and the seal stickers were not broken.
Note:Note: For RMA requests from outside of the contiguous United States, please contact eKoral at rma@ekoral.io for information.

Warranty Period

The warranty period commences on the Date of Purchase and its length is defined by the specific model. Please refer to the table below for the warranty period of each model.

Model Warranty Period
ek core 1 year
ek power 6 1 year

Note: Any replaced or repaired product mentioned above is covered by warranty for either the remainder of the initial warranty period or for thirty (30) days counted from the date of the replacement, depending on which one is longer.

Warranty for Sensors and Probes

Due to the expendable nature of the electrochemical sensors, it is difficult to provide a warranty of a minimum period. The life span of the products depends largely on the conditions of the environment and operation.

Nevertheless, eKoral provide its sensors and probes with a warranty to support the customers under the following conditions:

  • The product must be used, cared for, and maintained regularly and correctly.
  • The customer must provide a valid proof of purchase with a clear date.
  • Parts with broken glass or other mechanical damages will not be replaced.
Products Warranty Period
Sensors and probes 6 months

eKoral RMA Procedure


eKoral assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for the use of this product or for any incidental damage(s) caused by the use of this product to other devices in a system due to the failure of the product. Buyer’s remedies for breach of warranty shall be limited to repair, replacement and full or partial adjustment to purchase price.