What’s eKoral Sync?

The eKoral Sync program is an approval process that certifies third-party hardware that has the capability to work flawlessly with the eKoral system. All approved products have to pass a strict testing and validation process by eKoral engineers, and only the very best succeed to be certified as eKoral Sync approved products.

eKoral Sync Products

Grow Light

Wave Pump

Skimmer / Pump


How To Identify eKoral Sync Products?

Each eKoral certified product comes with an identifiable “eKoral Sync” logo attached to the product itself, its packaging or in its marketing materials. The official authorized eKoral Sync logo is as below:

How To Apply eKoral Sync?

Email us your product proposal! If you would like your products to be eKoral Sync, please contact us at support@ekoral.io