The eKoral simulator recreates the natural habitat of any coral reef through the precise control of lighting devices and temperature regulator(s).

It has the ability to simulate the unique biomes of many reefs around the globe by creating a natural "zeitgeber", the external cues of the ocean (including the 24-hour light/dark cycle over the 12 months of the year).
The eKoral simulator brings the perfect environment to your home aquarium through the automation of tides, dark and light cycles, and seasonal changes of natural reef ecosystems, such as the Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, Red Sea, or Great Barrier reefs.

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Recreates Nature

Simulate seasonal cycles with eKoral

Sunrise to Sunset with Twilight

  • Date: October 1
  • Day Time Total: 11hr53m

Moonrise, Moonset & Moon Phase

  • Date: October 1
  • Phase: New Moon

Tidal Wave Simulation

  • Date: October 1

Sea Temperature Simulation

  • Annual Sea Temperature