April 23, 2018

eKoral Smart Aquarium Controller

With eKoral, tank keeping is no longer limited to expert knowledge, as just about anyone can learn to run a reef tank with ease.

The system does not require any user programming to operate. Just a few swipes on your smart device, and you can create rules, set up preferred schedules effortlessly, and make fine adjustments on aquarium.

Can’t wait to experience the smart aquarium? Visit eKoral online store (https://shop.ekoral.io/) between May 2 ~June 2, 2018 for its grand opening sales.

Free Gift + Free Worldwide Shipping

You can get free eK 2-way Splitter and free shipping when you order from eKoral Online shop from May 2~ June 2, 2018.

  • eK 2-way Splitter: eK lighting cable or pump cable splitter, allow user to control two devices at the same time without purchasing extra modules.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping during grand opening.

eKoral’s Best Tank Contest

Post photo(s) of your aquarium with your eKoral Controller System on eKoral’s Facebook page: eKoralAquaria to join this contest. Qualified participants will get an eK Leak Sensor. The winner will bring home an eK Doser.

1. Entry Prize: an eK Leak Sensor

Don’t miss out your chance to receive a brand new eK Leak Sensor worth $79.95!

It’s simple, just unbox and review your brand new eKoral Controller System and comment what you like on the designated post on eKoral’s Facebook page: eKoralAquaria. Remember to attach at least a picture of your tank setup with the eKoral controller system to be eligible.

2. Grand Prize: an eK Doser

An eK Doser will be giving away to the post that received the most Like at the end of the promotion. Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to help you Like your post, it could be you who bring home the eK Doser.

Please refer to eKoral online store for more event details.